Calciomercato Milan, Chiesa: the amount requested by Fiorentina and the Rebic knot

Calciomercato Milan, Chiesa in the viewfinder. The Rebic knot also dances between Rossoneri and Fiorentina.

Church in the sights of the transfer market of Milan. The Rebic question also dances between the Rossoneri and Fiorentina.

The Croatian is owned by Frankfurt but in the event of his sale, the Germans would have to pay half of the proceeds to Fiorentina.

In fact, Frankfurt bought Rebic from the Viola and this clause on possible resale was included in the contract.

So if Milan were to buy Rebic from Frankfurt for 40 million euros, 20 would go to Fiorentina.

Therefore Milan are trying to convince the Viola by offering 20 million for Rebic to Chiesa, plus Paqueta's card, plus 25 million euros in cash.

An offer that would be quite in line with Fiorentina's requests given that Commisso is asking for 60 million euros for the Church.

The only problem would be cash. Fiorentina would not want players in exchange but more money. So the viola would like to collect Rebic's money plus another 40 million cash for the sale of Chiesa.

Fiorentina would like to collect as much as possible to reinvest this money in its transfer market. So, from this point of view, Chiesa would be the perfect player to sacrifice since he has wanted to leave Florence for a few years (source ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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