Calciomercato Milan, all the secrets of Angelo Correa: Pope Bergoglio, his sister and the narcos and the death of his brother

Calciomercato Milan Correa Papa Bergoglio narcos

Correa in action with the shirt of Atletico Madrid. It could be the next transfer market of Milan (photo Ansa)

MILAN – Official status is still lacking, but unless surprises, Angelo Correa will be the next transfer market for Milan. The Rossoneri will invest more than 40 million euros to bring it to Milan.

Calciomercato, Milan invests money derived from the sale of André Silva to reach Correa.

This deal was made possible by the sale of André Silva to the Monaco which brought about 30 million euros to the Milan funds. Milan will pay 40 million euros for a fixed portion plus easily achievable bonuses that could bring the deal to as much as 50 or 55 million euros. An incredible capital gain for Atletico Madrid which five years ago bought it from San Lorenzo for just 7.5 million euros.

All the secrets of the market man are revealed by the Corriere della Sera in an article signed by Stefano Agresti. Correa was born in a poor neighborhood of Rosario in Argentina, where he saw his father and one of the ten brothers die.

As reported by the Spanish newspaper "Marca", his sister Julieta was arrested last February along with a member of the gang of narcos "Los Manos" for her alleged involvement in attacks against members of the Argentine judiciary.

Correa had to overcome numerous adversities and it was also thanks to the character that overcame the shock of a heart operation for a benign tumor, which he was diagnosed with in the summer of 2014, just arrived in Europe. Faith helped him. A year before leaving for Madrid, in 2013, he was confirmed by Bergoglio, who at the time was a bishop and never concealed his passion for San Lorenzo.

Because of that intervention in the heart, carried out in New York (and whose traces can be seen in some of his bare-chested photos), Angel Correa has stood still for almost six months. He started training again in December, he didn't return to the field in a real match with Atletico until the following season but he managed to drag Argentina to the triumph in the South American Under 20. He is not one who gives up, there is no what to say. Even if it marks little (sources Il Corriere della Sera, article by Stefano Agresti, and Marca).

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