Calciomercato, Marchisio: “I do not betray Juventus, no to Suning and Brescia”

Calciomercato Marchisio Juventus Brescia Suning tutte possibilità

Marchisio with the Juventus shirt, is evaluating all the transfer market proposals but will not be wearing another team's shirt in Italy (photo Ansa)

ROME – Former Juventus and Zenit St. Petersburg player Claudio Marchisio , currently released, spoke to Sky Sport 24 to take stock of the transfer market and his next destination. Below the full interview.

A different summer?

It's a really different summer, for the first time I didn't start the retreat with a team and I stay on the transfer market, but this operation needed this rehabilitation time and, by now, we're almost at the end. After so many years in which you are used to being in a group, in a locker room, you need, however, the locker room and the companions who give you a hand. At the same time, however, I have a character where, even in difficulties, when I'm alone I can pull off so much energy and concentration to move forward.

On the experience at Zenit St. Petersburg and on the termination of the contract

I think the resolution was the right thing, especially from me because, coming to decide to do this, I would have lost important months again for the championship and, above all, for this new adventure that this year for Zenit is the Champions. In fact, even as we broke up, I wish him the best and I can't wait to see my former teammates and all the staff in this new adventure and their fans, who can enjoy this Champions League.

Who says Marchisio is no longer the same player after the injury what do you say?

That, surely, as the years go by, their physique changes, but this is known only by the players who take the field, who make a certain type of career and who have certain injuries in their path, but this, indeed, helps to reinforce your state of mind, your inner state, your character, to push you further and further beyond the limits to continue.

Do you wish to continue?

Definitely. I'm on the transfer market. We are almost at the end of this rehabilitation, the last month will be the decisive one to understand well how much and how the knee reacts after the operation.

Suning contacted you to take you to his team in China

I know there was an interest, but there were no real offers and contacts. First of all, the project also counts and, therefore, it is necessary to see what really will be in the future. The only thing I can say is that I want to remain consistent, as I have always done in the past, and that I will never wear another shirt in Italy (the reference is to Juventus, ed). So, the only offers that I think I can consider, based on the projects, will surely be abroad and not in Italy.

But as far as Suning is concerned, being linked to Inter has, however, affected this choice?

Certainly a little yes, I also appreciate the work they have done in Italy with Inter, but this closeness to the black-blue jersey certainly does not lead me to be serene about the choice.

You only have abroad because in the last few days so many rumors have come out regarding even Brescia; what can we say about this hypothesis?

I have received so many messages from so many people, so many fans, that they would like me there, here too I appreciate the interest a lot, but I want to remain consistent. I said no in the past to other offers and I say no even now for Italy. The only part that would make me happy is to continue abroad as a life experience, but above all as a sports experience.

Should we look at Europe, at teams that play in the Champions League, in Europe, or can we also look at different worlds, distant, like Japan, the Arab world?

It always depends on the project, I have always tried to look at what is behind a transfer market offer, not only the economic part, not only the city where one goes to live but above all a serious company that has real projects.

Is Juventus always the favorite?

Surely, the championships won in the past prove it, as shown by the squad that still exists, even the change of coach, because a coach arrives who has also shown abroad to do well, has won a European cup. Now he is about to experience this world, that of Juventus, surely he will have to understand it, but he will understand it well in these first months, the players will have to know him, however, as a base Juventus is always the favorite.

What effect does Marotta and Conte show you together, trying to make Inter win?

It is an injection of confidence, not only for the Inter, but also for the other teams to try to wrest the title from Juventus. At the same time it is the right bell for Juventus, who has to look around, there are companies that want to structure themselves and want to get serious about fighting for the championship with them.

Bonucci and Buffon returned to Juventus; have you ever thought about it?

No, honestly no. I made my decision over a year ago, exactly a year ago, and it was right, the time had come (source: Sky Sport).

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