Calciomercato Juventus, the protest of the fans on social networks: “Dybala can’t be touched”

Calciomercato Juventus Dybala non si tocca protesta tifosi

Dybala with the Juventus shirt. Fans oppose his sale on the transfer market (photo Ansa)

TURIN – Dybala at Manchester United or at Inter in exchange for Mauro Icardi? The Juventus fans are mobilizing, on social media, because the Argentine striker, who is also the number ten of Juventus, remains in Turin. The rumors that the Argentine would like to be included in the Lukaku affair are of concern to the Juventus people, who on the web are clamoring for confirmation of the attacker, who returned this morning to Turin.

Dybala can't be touched, the hashtag of protest of Juventus fans. They don't want it to be sold in this transfer market.

"Dybala does not touch" is, in summary, the message, in some cases declined with so many insults against which he even thought of selling the number 10.
Messages of appreciation also for Cancelo, which market rumors would like to marry in Manchester City: "Let's take Darmian so we will fight for the Europa League" reads one of the many comments on Juventus' Twitter profile.

In another comment we read: "I understand that people make comparisons but I don't want to be the Messi of the future, I am the Dybala of the future and I will give my best for my team and for the national team" Cit. Paulo Dybala #DybalaNonSee ALWAYS WITH YOU !! "

. Or: "I kindly send the company to that country and all those fans who say that Paulo should be sold. #DybalaNonSiTocca ". A profile called "DybalaNonSiTocca" was also created. Here is his last tweet: "Juventus is also and above all made by the fans and for us you were the 10 best we could ask for. Ours is the story of a great love, don't let it end up like this @PauDybala_JR #DybalaNonSiTocca ”.

Another fan focuses attention on the shirt worn by the Argentine striker, number ten: “With the 10 that was of Platini, Baggio and Del Piero on the shoulders and the captain's armband of his Juve on the arm. This is how it must continue to be for Dybala. We have not finished dreaming, we and Paulo. #DybalaNonSiTocca ”(source Ansa).

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