Calciomercato Inter, Marotta: “Perisic asked us to sell”

Calciomercato Inter, Marotta: "Perisic ci ha chiesto cessione"

Calciomercato Inter, Marotta: "Perisic asked us to sell"

TURIN – The managing director of the Inter Giuseppe Marotta spoke to the Sky Sport microphones in the pre-match of Torino-Inter .


On Perisic.

We have to live with a situation that in this moment of transfer market there is in many teams, that is that some players show the will to be transferred. We listened to the player, who expressed this desire. Therefore, on the one hand we must try to satisfy it and on the other we must also respect the asset value. As a result, for now, no concrete things have arrived, so let's wait for these last days.

On the possible Candreva-Carrasco exchange.

It is normal that there are so many contacts, Ausilio is doing a good job from this point of view, but I would call them polls and then you have to wait for these surveys to become something concrete. So right now we can talk about nothing done, absolutely.

On the team's attitude.

The margins for improvement must be there and there are certainly because it is normal that the results are a stimulus for everyone. Inter in recent years has gone through a difficult time because the properties have also changed and so it is normal that the ascent is not easy but it is a goal that we all have in mind. It is normal that when the results arrive, it will be easier for everyone. Today one aspect we have to work on is to try to maximize the concept of belonging. So go looking for players who have this type of profile, a winning profile, which also means being honored to wear this shirt. We are doing it all together, with great will and motivation. We are in an interlocutory moment of our journey and we must try to achieve the goal of winning the Champions League this season.

Is it true that Perisic wants to leave?

When a player correctly exposes his state of mind, try to understand and meet him. Then there are some patrimonial logics to evaluate, so if it stays with us it will be the Company's task and in the first place of the coach try to give back to the players.

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