Calciomercato, Fiorentina dreams Ribery and Balotelli. Church remains a case

Calciomercato Fiorentina Ribery Balotelli Chiesa Juventus

Ribery celebrates after a goal scored with Bayern. Fiorentina dreams of it as a transfer market shot (photo by Ansa)

FLORENCE – Fiorentina dreams of Frank Ribery , a free-kick player after the long and triumphant experience in Bayern Munich in Germany. According to the Commission, it could be the right shot to "feed" the fans. The American patron wants to confirm Federico Chiesa and reinforce the squad with an international footballer like Frank Ribery.

The former Bayern Munich footballer is released but has already received many proposals. Ribery is evaluating the offer of Eintracht Frankfurt, while Arsenal, Marseille and clubs in Qatar and Saudi Arabia also try.

Ribery is not the only goal of Fiorentina. The purple also like another free agent, Mario Balotelli. Super Mario is training hard waiting for the right proposal to re-launch at high levels and regain the shirt of the Italian national football team. Roberto Mancini is waiting for him.

The US tour is over but Chiesa remains a case of the transfer market for Fiorentina.

After the tour in the United States, Fiorentina returned to Florence today: Vincenzo Montella granted three days off, setting the recovery for Monday at the Sports Center.

From Wednesday 31 July the viola will move to Montecatini for a brief retreat that will end on August 3 with a friendly match at 9pm in Livorno against local training.

This will be followed by another one, Sunday 11, when Fiorentina will face the Franchi, in front of their fans, the Galatasaray.
It will be the last test before the official debut of the new season, on 17 or 18 August in the Italian Cup.

To mark the American adventure was above all the affair-Church: there were also moments of strong tension and if it is true that, as the President Commisso himself and the ds Pradè repeatedly stated, the story is closed and clarified, it is equally true that every day could be the good one for a meeting, at this point inevitable, not only with the Church but also with the father Enrico who takes care of his interests (source Ansa).

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