Calciomercato Cagliari, Nainggolan returns: agreement with Inter

Calciomercato Cagliari Nainggolan prestito Inter

Nainggolan at the time of Cagliari. He would be returning to Sardinia during this transfer market (photo Ansa)

CAGLIARI – Radja Nainggolan has always chosen the teams with the heart and this summer he did the same. According to Il Corriere dello Sport in its online edition, the Ninja is about to leave Inter to return to Cagliari, a club where it has established itself in Serie A from 2010 to 2014 so as to deserve a transfer to Rome.

The two football loves of Nainggolan are Cagliari and Roma. In 2014 he left the Sardinians reluctantly but with the knowledge that his sale would be an economic affair even for his old club. In Rome he fell in love with the city and the fans and left the team only because he was forced by the company's choice to get rid of him at all costs.

Behind its sale, there are economic but also behavioral reasons. The Roma had to return some money from its transfer to Inter to stay in compliance with the stakes set by the financial fair play and, at the same time, the Belgian midfielder was sacrificed for some of his behaviors, such as the blasphemies on social media live on New Year's Eve after to have gotten drunk, that did not like the Capitoline club.

Calciomercato, Nainggolan returns to Cagliari. On loan for Giulini.

Radja Nainggolan will move from Inter to Cagliari on a temporary basis. The Belgian midfielder is tied to Inter by a long contract that expires only in 2022. Next season he will return to play in Sardinia but then he will probably return to Milan.

Fiorentina and Sampdoria were also on him, but Cagliari was always his first choice after acknowledging the impossibility of returning to the Roma shirt (a club where he played four seasons after the experience in Sardinia among the row of Cagliari). In Milan he never managed to settle in despite being trained by his "old master" Spalletti (source Il Corriere dello Sport).

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