Calcio, the 5 substitutions are law until the end of August 2021

The 5 substitutions during football matches are law until the end of August 2021. Ifab has made this decision to protect the players.

The Ifab, the body that establishes the rules of football, has decided that the possibility of making use of five substitutions during a game is extended "to all competitions until 31 July 2021" and for international tournaments until the end of August , as it is written in a note released by Fifa.

All this to protect the health of the players and because of the situation caused by the pandemic.

This decision by the IFA means that the five substitutions will also be allowed in the 'itinerant' Europeans moved to next year.

In fact, due to the pandemic and the many matches to be recovered, the players are forced to play even in summer, with temperatures that make the match dispute rule difficult.

This applies to the current season, which must be finished at all costs, but will also apply to the following seasons.

In fact, players will have very little time available to rest with the new season which will start shortly after the current one.

So even in the next championship, the matches will be played almost every day.

Also because the next Serie A will have to end earlier than expected to make room for the European football championship (which should have been played this summer) (source Ansa ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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