Calabria apologizes on Instagram for the party after Atalanta-Milan 5-0

Calabria si scusa su Instagram per la festa dopo Atalanta-Milan 5-0

Calabria apologizes on Instagram for the party after Atalanta-Milan 5-0

MILAN – The fury of AC Milan fans has fallen on the players who have posted things on social media after the humiliating defeat by five to zero remedied against Atalanta. The Rossoneri supporters heavily attacked Leao, who was smoking and drinking at the disco, Calabria, who was celebrating the birthday with his friends, and Kessie, who had "like" the post where Papu exulted for the success over AC Milan. While Leao and Kessie have not yet taken official positions, Calabria has posted a long message on Instagram where he clarified his position on the incident. Let's report it below.

“I didn't think I had to find myself here to 'explain' what happened, but given the unnecessary clamor that had arisen, I think it's fair to say two words. I take full responsibility and apologize to those who felt indirectly offended, but it was not my intention. The party was organized long ago. My birthday is December 6th but I decided to organize it on the 22nd specifically when the holidays began so as not to compromise training (since someone spoke of non-professionalism).

Nobody could foresee such a defeat. Beyond the footballer I am a human being like all of you, and I bet and I know that anyone, even if he has bad working moments speaking, wants to pull the plug and try to have fun with his friends and relatives to cheer himself up. I was having fun because it was my birthday party, moreover I hardly ever spend an evening all together like this. should I have stayed in a corner to mull over?

I don't think it's the right thing to do, and those who work in this world know it, but beyond what the video communicates, happiness and fun, nobody can know so much what it really feels like inside when such an important society is having hard blows, so let's all be reasonable and blood.

Football life is one thing, private life is another, it is mine and it is personal. Finally, I want to underline, since someone managed to pull the attachment to the shirt in the middle, one more Milanist than me, with AC Milan like me, who has spent so many years in this big family, it is difficult to find it.
Thank you, Davide ”.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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