Cala Cimenti, the climber is positive for coronavirus: “I will also climb this mountain”

ROME – The coronavirus did not spare even the climber Cala Cimenti.

He announced it himself through this long post published on his official Facebook page: "I will also climb this mountain".

“Hi everyone, here I am writing the post that I never wanted to have to write. I am positive about the covid swab, and to make matters worse, they also found an outbreak of pneumonia on the right.

They made me x-ray and tampon the day before yesterday and then they kept me in isolation and observation all night and in the morning they considered my case not so serious as to have to hospitalize me, so they sent me back home with a therapy to follow with the recommendation to keep everything under control and to call if things get worse.

It is curious how the perspectives and values ​​change so quickly: just a little over a week ago I wrote a post in which I announced the cancellation of my next expedition for ethical reasons and I replied to some character who did not want to equate my profession with many others, and I was preparing to develop a training program to do at home on the rollers or to run in the woods around here at home.

I had also started thinking about funny videos to combat the boredom of being inside the home.

But now I think with emotion when, yesterday morning, the doctor told me that I could go home, when I immediately called Potato and we cried for happiness together.

Now my attention is no longer per kilo or less that I have taken to be able to fly that sail or not, but it is fixed to the cleats of the thermometer, with each breath that must not be worse than the previous one.

And so I go on, day after day. My goal now is not to get to the top of a mountain, but to arrive the next day in the same current conditions or, perhaps, even a little better.

Anyway today is my eighth day of illness and I'm still there! I won't quit! In all this then there is also Potato, despite having always lived with me since everything started and having had a fever and more, they do not make a tampon (tampons are few and are used for more severe cases).

Fortunately this morning she no longer had a high fever, now poor thing has to look after me. Thanks potato, I love you very much.

Erika Siffredi and Cala Cimenti ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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