Cairo: “Milan helped by the referees to get to the Champions League? Do you have any questions … “

Cairo: "Milan aiutato dagli arbitri per arrivare in Champions? Qualche domanda te la fai..."

Cairo: "Milan helped by the referees to get to the Champions League? Do you have any questions … "

TURIN – The president of Torino Urbano Cairo thunders against Irrati. "A very unbalanced arbitrage – he says, leaving the stadium -, I don't know what Zaza said to deserve expulsion, but Barella did the same and he wasn't even warned. Moreover the rigor on Izzo was evident ”.
Cairo is disappointed by the slowdown in the race for Europe: "I don't think they want to favor Milan, but if you watch yesterday's match (against Lazio, ed) some questions you will do it".

Cairo followed by Rincon, also the midfielder protests: "Referees, we ask a little more respect".

The grenade does not boil over for the disputed episodes in Turin-Cagliari. Tomas Rincon is the spokesperson, warned after less than two minutes. "Sorrow and anger about today's result. – the Venezuelan midfielder writes on Instagram – We ask only a little more respect in certain episodes that must be managed with the same evaluation parameters for all. However – concludes Rincon, trying to tone down the tone – we think of ourselves and continue to pedal all together ".

Turin-Cagliari 1-1, Pavoletti responded to Simone Zaza.

A goal apiece for Turin and Cagliari in the 32 / a-day lunch match of Serie A, which leaves the grenade at the limits of the European zone, at 50 points, and brings Cagliari to 37 with confidence.

Zaza scored the goal of the Toro advantage at 7 ′ st and at 27 ′ came Pavoletti's head response, at the 12th seasonal center, which the Var only validated after a few minutes for a suspected offside.
Match turned on, with various warnings and three expelled: the same Zaza, Pellegrini and Barella, with Cagliari who played the last of the seven minutes of recovery in nine men.
Source: Ansa.

The Cairo article : "Milan helped by the referees to get into the Champions League? Some questions you make … " seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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