Cagliari, Simeone and Olsen arrive but Pavoletti’s injury is serious

Cagliari Simeone Olsen infortunio Pavoletti tempi recupero

Giovanni Simeone arrived in Cagliari (photo Ansa)

CAGLIARI – Joys and sorrows in the afternoon of Cagliari. The Sardinians greet with enthusiasm the latest arrivals, Simeone from Fiorentina and Olsen from Roma, but also hit a hard blow, Pavoletti's injury is more serious than expected. The Italian national striker will remain out for at least three months due to the anterior cruciate ligament injury with involvement of the external meniscus.

This is really hard news to digest because Pavoletti has been the symbol of Cagliari for several seasons. His inheritance must be collected by the last arrived Giovanni Simeone. Bad news also on the Cragno front, the problem with the shoulder of the young goalkeeper of Cagliari has been monitored for weeks, but the more time passes the more the risk of having to operate increases.

In short, Simeone and Olsen have been bought to supplement the squad but due to these bad injuries suffered by the Sardinians they will have to replace two key players for the rossoblùs like Cragno and Pavoletti.

Both Olsen and Simeone must re-launch. Olsen had arrived in Italy with great enthusiasm because he was back from an excellent World Cup with Sweden. After eliminating our Italy with important parades in the qualifying rounds, he had also repeated himself during the World Cup, contributing to the positioning of Sweden up to the quarter-finals.

The Cholito had arrived in Italy among the general skepticism but he had been able to make everyone think again about goals. Simeone jr closed the first Italian season with 14 goals scored with the Genoa shirt, deserving the transfer to Florence. Other 14 goals also with the viola but the second year in Florence, closed with 8 goals, was not up to the situation and so the viola decided to sell it to the Sardinians. Will he score 14 goals also in Sardinia? We'll find out soon …

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