Cagliari-Milan, Ibrahimovic: “That’s why I exult like God”

Cagliari-Milan, Ibrahimovic: "Ecco perché esulto come Dio"

Cagliari-Milan, Ibrahimovic celebrates after the goal (photo Ansa)

CAGLIARI – Ibrahimovic has returned to scoring in his first starting game since returning to Milan. On the Cagliari field, he made the difference with a goal, a goal canceled and a post. At the end of the game, he talked about his performance on Sky Sport's microphones. Starting from his exultation: “I exult like God to feel alive. He had promised to score. I wanted to cheer like this at San Siro but I did it again today because there were many of our fans at the stadium. I will rejoice even after the goals scored at San Siro ”.

Then Ibrahimovic continued his interview with Sky Sport declaring: “For an attacker it is important to always be there in front of the door, then every now and then he enters and sometimes not. Hopefully he will come in, but the important thing is that he feels good.

Goals come, I missed a few balls early in the game, but I need to play the games to get back in shape. I feel good, only that the coach wants to be careful, I think you think about my age, but my age is not a problem, the brain is always the same, only that the body has to follow it.

I like the game module, today we played with two outsiders to stay ahead and it went well. All week we have done this job and the result is this, we have taken three points. Today is the second game, we hope to continue. In the end, when you work, it all comes back to you. Now does Milan renew my contract? No, to renew you have to win the championship and I think it's difficult. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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