Cagliari-Juventus, racist buu in Kean: the striker scores and challenges fans with controversial joy

Cagliari-Juventus, buu razzisti a Kean: l'attaccante segna e reagisce ai tifosi con questa esultanza

Cagliari-Juventus, racist buu to Kean: the striker scores and reacts to the fans with this exultation (from YouTube)

CAGLIARI – Like last year. Even at the end of this Cagliari-Juventus match, the black Juventus players were victims of racist choirs and buu by some Cagliari supporters. Last year Blaise Matuidi complained about social media, this time it was Moise Kean who reacted badly to the Sardinian fans with an exultation towards them after scoring the 2-0 goal.

Cagliari-Juventus, Bonucci and Allegri reproach Moise Kean.

At the end of the meeting both coach Massimiliano Allegri and Leonardo Bonucci, one of the leaders of the Juventus locker room, spoke on the subject. Both stigmatized the behavior of the Sardinian fans but at the same time they reproached Kean because he should not have reacted to the opposing public.

Leonardo Bonucci spoke this way to Sky Sport microphones: "I honestly prefer to talk about the game because I think Juventus played a good game. If you ask me, I'll tell you that they both failed. Part of the Cagliari curve should not have made him racists but Kean also did not have to react to the opposing fans with that exultation. He knows it himself and I'm sure he won't repeat this mistake anymore. "

Even Massimiliano Allegri, while condemning the racers' buu, wanted to get Kean's ears in the Sky Sport post game: "We must have respect for the opponent. He must learn to behave, he must quickly understand certain mechanisms. I did not perceive anything about Kean, if there are good racists one must have intelligence. Unfortunately I have not justified the good racists, but there have always been unfortunately. I only say that Kean should have remained as calm as Matuidi and Alex Sandro. These idiots do not represent an entire stage. It would be easy to individual, take them out of the stadium and punish them immediately. The problem is that you don't want to do this. Other than games to interrupt … ".

Cagliari-Juventus, Giulini: “Don't exploit everything. Kean didn't have to be so exultant. "

President Giulini spoke for Cagliari . The number one of the Sardinian club has quarreled with the journalists of Sky and with the columnist Lele Adani: "You of Sky do too many moralisms. If that exultation had made Bernardeschi, the stadium would have acted in exactly the same way. It is obvious that the good racists are to be condemned but the reality of Cagliari should not be exploited. If he had rejoiced politely, no one would have insulted him. If even a white footballer had exulted in that provocative way, he would have received the same treatment ".

The provocative rejoicing of Moise Kean after the goal in Cagliari-Juventus. Videos from YouTube.

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