Cagliari equalized at 95 ‘in nine men, Di Francesco smiles on the bench

Cagliari pareggia al 95' in nove uomini, Di Francesco sorride in panchina

Cagliari equalized at 95 'in nine men, Di Francesco smiles on the bench

CAGLIARI – "I am the coach and I have to take my responsibilities. I'm embittered and angry. It's an absurd game because you can not take a goal in 11 against 9. It's inconceivable. Not talking about tactics, there were players of experience and you can not take goals like that ": so the coach of Rome, Eusebio Di Francesco to Sky after the daring 2-2 reached by Cagliari in 9 to 95 'and with the team turned upside down in the field after the changes.

"For me, an absurd game to take the goal at the last. Things must be analyzed in general characters, we struggle to find our identity. From the seventieth onwards we have been fragile from the mental point of view. I get angry when I see the wrong choices of players who want to score and do not pass the ball. " "This year we did carrot and stick, a bit of everything – the technician analyzes – We struggle to try to fall asleep the games too. De Rossi has been out for 40 days, he is our leader and sometimes communicating with someone like him helps. From the 70's on we have been fragile on a mental level. We have shown that we have important mental deficits ".

Di Francesco is almost incredulous in the press room. "Two episodes decided the match – said the Roma coach – an absurdity for a team with our experience. We went into mental difficulty in the final ". The changes? "Just look at the bench – he commented – I had Perotti and Pastore who still have a few minutes on the legs, then four defenders and some kids. I added Pastor to allow the team to go back ".

A game that suddenly under control has become uncontrollable: "It often happens that some episode during the game gives the charge to others. It is a constant character ". And now the fourth place seems farther: "We have to go further – he said – many things have happened and this is one of those".

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