Cagliari-Empoli 2-2, decisive Farias. Pavoletti, Zajc and Di Lorenzo also scored goals

Cagliari-Empoli 1-1, Di Lorenzo ha risposto a Pavoletti

Cagliari-Empoli, Pavoletti celebrates after yet another header

CAGLIARI – Splendid match between Cagliari and Empoli. The two teams have faced the clash with open face without thinking too much about the defensive phase. Cagliari took the lead with yet another goal of Leonardo Pavoletti but Empoli signed overtaking in the second half with Di Lorenzo, the first goal in Serie A, and Zajc. When it all seemed finished, Farias thought to mock the Empoli defense and to fix the score on the two-on-two final.

And he always scores … And above all, he always scores with his head. Once again Leonardo Pavoletti went online in Cagliari. The former Napoli striker scored the goal that unlocked the Sardinia Arena match between the Sardinians and Empoli. A precious network in an important clash of salvation. Pavoletti has unlocked the meeting with the house specialty, the header. The Cagliari striker has reached extraordinary numbers: with the goal scored at Empoli, he is the player to have scored the most number of heads in the five major European championships from August 2015 to today.

In the second half, in the 70th minute, Empoli drew the score with the first goal in Serie A of Di Lorenzo, a former Matera player. The Empoli player was very good at anticipating Barella and bagging on the net from two steps. When ten minutes were left until the end of the match, Zajc completed the comeback with a network as beautiful as it was important. When the Empoli seemed to have won, Cagliari took advantage of a defensive disattention of the Tuscans and drew the accounts with Farias.

The Cagliari-Empoli highlights 2-2

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