Bundesliga, there are those who violated the protocol: the kiss of Thuram to his teammate

FRANKFURT (GERMANY) – The Bundesliga was the first to restart.

In the last few hours everyone is filling their mouths with a " German model " to be copied in other countries too, but not all that glitters is gold .

Footballers are human beings and as strict as the regulation is, there will always be those who violate it …

And so it was in Frankfurt.

Marcus Thuram , Lilian's son, scored Borussia's momentary 2 to 0 goal on the Eintracht pitch.

Up to here obviously there is nothing wrong but his exultation has violated the rules of conduct against coronavirus.

The Bundesliga has categorically banned spitting and hugging after goals.

Thuram jr went even further as he approached the teammate who had assisted him to kiss him affectionately.

Until then, all players had behaved in an exemplary manner since the first goal scored yesterday.

Haaland was the first player to score a goal after the resumption of the German championship.

The gigantic Norwegian center forward behaved in an exemplary manner as he exulted at a safe distance from his teammates.

His conduct rewarded him because Dortmund won the derby against Schalke 04.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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