Bundesliga returns, Werder Bremen agrees with Zeman: “No to five substitutions”

BREMEN (GERMANY) – The German Bundesliga will be the first to restart.

Within days of kickoff, Werder Bremen protested the five substitution rule .

A few hours earlier, Zeman also said he was against this change in the regulation:

“Much of the championship was played with three substitutions.

Changing the rule now would mean distorting the tournament. "

Werder Bremen's sporting director, former midfielder Frank Baumann, expressed doubts about the five substitutions rule for each team in a game and, speaking to Bild, said he was "undecided".

The rule, which Fifa has devised for a compressed and stressful season finale, can help prevent injuries, allowing players to recover.

“Yes, in fact it could be very useful – explained the director Baumann – but I would not want to distort the game too much.

Think of a team that inserts four or five attackers at the end of the game, perhaps to reassemble a result that disadvantages it.
It would be really strange for me. "

The Bundesliga will restart Saturday with the Ruehr derby, Borussia Dortmund-Schalke 04.

The hosts chase the title, -4 from Bayern Munich leaders.

Before the break they won 4 games in a row; on the contrary, Schalke has not won in 5 matches.

The experts of Sisal Matchpoint see Dortmund clearly favored, whose victory is at 1.50, while the guests' blitz is worth 6 times the stake: the equal is at 4.25.

96% of punters bet on 1. Haland is the most likely scorer, scoring 2.00.

Bayern must defend first place in the trip to Berlin against Union.

Challenge without history to look at the odds, the Bullen have put together 4 consecutive wins before the stop and are ahead, at 1.22, while the success of the hosts would be a feat of 12 times the stake.

Also difficult is the par, at 6.50.

We have to bet on Lewandowski's desire for goals, top scorer with 25 goals: the Bayern striker is proposed scorer at 1.44.

9 out of 10 bettors line up with Bayern Munich.

Victory in sight also for the third force of the championship, Leipzig, which hosts Freiburg and wants to resume with a victory, given at 1.30, goes up to 9.00 for the guest success, the X sign is 5.25.

Borussia Moenchengladbach, in fourth place at -6 from the top, goes to Frankfurt against Eintracht, returning from 3 knockouts in a row:

the match, according to the bookmakers, is balanced with the favorite guests at 2.30 and the hosts at 2.90.

The equal is 3.50.

60% chose the victory of the neroverdi (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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