Buffon Juventus manager? The agent: “Why not ?! I see him as a technician … “

Silvano Martina, historic agent of Gigi Buffon , spoke about the future of Juventus' number one and the situation of other Juventus players. For Buffon, a coaching career is looming.

The statements made by Buffon's agent to Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli are reported by Corriere dello Sport.

“In my opinion, after retiring, Gigi must start training: he understands football and has the experience to be able to manage any changing room.

The Juventus bench? Yes, he could do it for me. What makes him different from other goalkeepers is that he simplifies everything, it is his gift of nature. "

"Meret and Perin? They are two important players: I once spoke with Gigi about Meret and he told me that Alex would have the chance to become one of the best number one in Italy.

And let's not forget Gigio Donnarumma : at the physical level he is a champion, he is huge. Time will tell us everything.

Donnarumma and Meret will be the goalkeepers of the Italian national team of the future, I think they are the two most promising guys in Italian football for now. Perin, on the other hand, is a security.

The Italian goalkeeping school is always one of the best in the world. I saw Meret with the Udinese spring some time ago and I was very impressed with his way of defending the posts. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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