“Buffon is dead”, the hoax that runs on WhatsApp and on social networks

"Buffon è morto", la bufala che gira su WhatsApp e sui social network

"Buffon is dead", the hoax that runs on WhatsApp and on social networks (photo Ansa)

TURIN – After four years, the death hoax of Gigi Buffon has returned to turn with some insistence ( click here for the previous one) .

Chains of this kind are always in bad taste but they are even more bad now that the country is fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Below is the text of the message that many are receiving both on WhatsApp and on the main social networks used in our country.

“WARNING: The photo of Buffon who died in an accident is being shot. Do not open is a virus and do not accept the call + 39-3476301066 is a virus. RAI source ".

There is nothing true. It's all false, from Buffon's death to that alleged telephone number that is indicated, to the involvement of Rai (indicates as the source of the news).

Four years ago, he turned the same hoax through links published on Facebook entitled "Italy is in mourning: Gigi Buffon dead", or "Gigi Buffon died in a car accident".

Even in that case, it was a bad taste news invented as a healthy plant. The goal was to open these links to generate views and to earn money through user clicks on advertisements.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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