Bruno Peres, kidnapped the attic in Rome. But he has nothing to do with the investigation

The attic of Brazilian full-back Bruno Peres has been seized. At 4 am on Monday 6 July, the military affixed the seals to the apartment. The full back has nothing to do with the investigation.

Nottataccia for Bruno Peres who has been seized the attic where he lives in Torrino, south of Rome.

The news was reported by Corriere dello Sport .

At 4 o'clock in the morning the military came to the entrance of the building where the Brazilian full-back of Rome lives to affix the seals to the player's home.

The seizure of the apartment is one of many carried out during an operation that led to the arrest of 28 people for criminal association aimed at the aggravated fraud for the achievement of public funds in competition, issue of invoices and more.

Bruno Peres has nothing to do with the investigation, since he had a regular loan agreement to use the accommodation in which he lives.

Attic that before the Brazilian had been used by other former players, such as Manolas.

The player, the sports newspaper always reports, at the beginning did not believe that they were really carabinieri and for this reason he called 112.

Once reassured, he allowed the military to enter. (source SPORT COURIER)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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