Bruno Alves’ goal unleashes the fury of the Milan fans: “Gattuso get out”

Il gol di Bruno Alves scatena la furia dei tifosi del Milan: "Gattuso vattene"

Bruno Alves' goal unleashes the fury of the Milan fans: "Gattuso get out"

PARMA – Milan remain fourth but in the last few days they have lost a lot of ground towards the pursuers. Even today, the Rossoneri played poorly and did not go beyond Parma's draw on the field. Milan supporters have harshly criticized Gattuso on social networks. These protests had subsided at the time of Castillejo's goal, but when Bruno Alves drew the match with a free-kick masterpiece, the Rossoneri fans' social protest became more intense.

The comments are all the same: "Gattuso go away, exonerate him immediately". The majority of Milan fans ask for Gattuso's exemption and the arrival of a great coach like Antonio Conte. On Twitter, an account was even created with the name "Gattuso out". The patience of the Milan fans seems to be over and the fear of losing fourth place, the last one useful for qualifying for the next Champions League, is great.

Parma-Milan 1-1, Castillejo is not enough for the Rossoneri, Bruno Alves impacts the match on a free kick.

The first half ended on the score of zero to zero. Milan tried to make the match, also because it has the motivation to keep the other competitors at a distance for a place in the next Champions League, but Parma defended itself with order and started again with danger. Parma, which is very close to the mathematical certainty of staying in Serie A again next year.

At 69 ', Milan went ahead with Samu Castillejo. The Spanish striker scored ahead, deflecting a powerful cross from Suso into the net. At 72 ', Milan had scored 2-0 with Cutrone on an assist from Piatek but the referee canceled the goal because both Milan strikers were offside. At 76 ', Siligardi dribbled Donnarumma and kicked from a tight angle. He hit the outer post. At the 87th minute, Parma equalized with a goal masterpiece from Bruno Alves's free kick. The conclusion of the Portuguese was powerful and angled, Donnarumma could not even move. False pass of the Rossoneri in key qualifications to the next Champions League.

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