Brozovic repeats the crocodile’s move against Lazio VIDEO

brozovic mossa coccodrillo

Brozovic repeats the crocodile's move against Lazio

ROME – Marcelo Brozovic has redone the "crocodile move". Already against Barcelona in fact, the Croatian with a lest slipped behind the barrier had stopped a punishment of Suarez. And last night, in the match won 3-0, in which he also scored, from Inter against Lazio, it was repeated on a free kick from the edge of the Biancazzurri area, exploding the irony of the social media.

And waiting for the clash at the top with Juventus, now first with six points more than Inter, the challenge between the two supporters has spread on the social networks. And right now, there is a challenge within the match between Inter and Juventus. Brozovic is becoming the real leader of Spalletti's team: "Epic Brozo" has put aside the fluctuating performance that has always distinguished him and is now a security. A security that feeds comparisons. That with another midfielder was inevitable, that Miralem Pjanic so far considered one of the best in Serie A.

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