Brozovic in the storm to answer a fan: “Am I far from Inter? Let’s hope…”

Brozovic ended up in the storm for a response he gave to an Inter fan on Instagram.

Marcelo Brozovic in the social storm for an answer he gave to an Inter fan.

But, let's go in order, what had the fan written to him? This:

"Happy holidays as a player, we hope your future is far from Inter."

Brozovic's surprise response is ready:

"Let's hope".

It was a surprise response for two reasons. The first is that footballers almost never respond to fans who attack them on social networks.

The second is the content of the message. Inter fans may have wondered: “But how do we hope ?! Do you want to go away and write it like this on social networks ?! ”.

Let's also say that the morale of Inter fans is under the heels of the recent defeat in the Europa League final against Sevilla.

To all this must be added the upheaval created by the Conte case. It is close to the start of next season but the Nerazzurri don't know if Conte will still be their coach.

In fact, the radio market speaks of close contacts between the transfer men of Inter and Massimiliano Allegri. In the event that Allegri were to arrive at Inter, what has already been seen in the past at Juventus would be proposed again (source Il Corriere dello Sport and Instagram Brozovic ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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