Brozovic exploded into the emergency room, then apologized. It was there for a friend

Marcelo Brozovic broke into an emergency room in Milan, then apologized to the doctors and health professionals. It was there for a slightly injured friend.

It was a rough night for Marcelo Brozovic, the 27-year-old Inter midfielder who, in Milan, blew up in an emergency room where he claimed to have a friend slightly injured in the leg, a 42-year-old Croatian, visit other people present, more serious than him.

In the end, to restore calm, the police had to intervene.

The Inter footballer apologized for his behavior.

The Zagreb footballer, who already fifteen days ago had seen his license suspended for a red light taken on board his car, a Rolls Royce, appeared revved up last night, always due to the alcohol content.

So much so that when the carabinieri arrived, called by the San Carlo hospital emergency department, annoyed by his increasingly pressing insistence, he continued to have hostile attitudes until the military clearly told him to calm down because his behavior was flowing into the criminal.

So the man made an apology to everyone, even the doctors. (article source, ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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