Brozovic, driver’s license withdrawn after going red and failing the alcohol test. Seregno defends him: “Victim of a shameful journalistic campaign”

Brozovic's driver's license was withdrawn after the player switched to red and failed the alcohol test ( more in-depth here ). But there are those who defend it. It is the Seregno Calcio. According to the Serie D club, Brozovic would be the victim of 'a shameful journalistic campaign designed to discredit him' (but why ?!).

The Seregno press release received the approval of the most avid Inter fans. Instead it left everyone else perplexed. In any case, let's report it below.

Seregno Calcio expresses the utmost solidarity to one of our huge fans, Marcelo Brozovic, victim of a shameful journalistic campaign designed at the table to discredit one of the strongest midfielders in the world.

We feel ashamed of the headlines in a certain press that define a person as "drunk" with an alcohol content of 0.54 g / L, guilty of having drunk a beer for dinner.

Certain press would do well to refrain from attacking real professionals who with great sacrifice, starting from scratch, have reached great levels in the world football scene.
Seregno Calcio ".

Shortly thereafter, Seregno Calcio himself added another comment. This too pro Brozovic.

“Marcelo was wrong and he knows it perfectly. It is a negative moment, we are not happy with the "pigeon shooting" for only two negative performances after a stop of months. He is a great professional and will prove it again. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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