Brescia, Mario Balotelli skips training. Goodbye getting closer?

ROME – Mario Balotelli did not show up for Brescia training this morning.

What will happen now?

Already on May 26, SuperMario had skipped a workout (even if in that case it was a non-compulsory session).

Failure to attend that however infuriated President Cellino:

“I believed – the words of the president – that bringing him to his city would stimulate him. But hiring him was a mistake ”.

On May 29 Balotelli then went to the company's headquarters to seek clarification with the president. President who, however, had decided not to receive it.

What will happen? What will happen now between Brescia and Mario Balotelli?

Nobody knows. It remains to understand the will of both. Balotelli's will and, at this point, Brescia's will too.

In short: the scenario is currently uncertain.

Balotelli, remember, has the contract expiring on June 30th.

So the road to consensual resolution seems the most likely.

"Also because – writes the Gazzetta dello Sport – the current agreement provides for an automatic extension in case of permanence in Serie A or the expiration in case of relegation to B. But the attacker and the club are at loggerheads.

Mario warned Brescia of asking for reinstatement in group, under penalty of payment of 400 thousand euros. He does not accept the termination that Cellino has tried to offer him and if the company wants it at this point he will have to appeal to the court. Balotelli has another training set for tonight at 7pm, who knows if he will show up ”. (Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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