Brescia-Lazio, choirs against Balotelli: referee stops the game

balotelli brescia lazio

Balotelli on the raging field Brescia Lazio (Ansa)

ROME – Balotelli once again becomes the target of offensive choirs ( "Balotelli son of .." ) during the Brescia-Lazio match. The referee, writes Ansa, decides to stop the game with the aim of recalling the behavior of the more than 1,500 blue-white fans present in Brescia.

On the field we saw the lip of the player who says to the referee: "It's the second time". Manganiello replied quidni: "Now I'll do it , " and for a few moments he decided to suspend the race.

From the Lazio curve, some “buu” had also been heard, always addressed to Balotelli, so much so that the speaker was made to read the press release that invites the public not to sing discriminating choirs.

Inzaghi also tried to calm his fans by making wide gestures from the bench. In the meantime, the Brescia public responded with the "Mario, Mario" chorus in support of their player who, among other things, had brought "his" to the advantage by marking the first goal of 2020.

Source: Ansa, Gazzetta dello Sport

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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