“Brazilian pigs”, Italian eSports champion in the storm

Porci brasiliani", campione eSports italiano nella bufera

"Brazilian pigs", Italian eSports champion in the storm

LONDON – The eSports champion Ettore Giannuzzi, known to all as Ettorito97, has just missed the World title, losing the PES 2019 final, but he is making people talk about him for insulting the opposing fans. On social media, Ettore Giannuzzi is accused of racism for having called Brazilian fans "pigs".

Ettore Giannuzzi arrived in the final at the end of an exciting journey but during this competition he often clashed with Brazilian fans. Ettorito97 played an epic final against French Rachid "Usmakabyle" Tebane and only gave up after a 120-minute battle at the Emirates Stadium in London with a score of 4-3.

During this final, Ettore Giannuzzi played in really difficult environmental conditions. The Brazilian fans insulted him and whistled throughout the World Cup final. The same Ettorito97 did not play with serenity and in the course of the game he responded to whistles with controversial gestures and exultations.

At the end of the final, Giannuzzi vented himself on the social networks defining "opposing Brazilian fans". A similar behavior was also held by his father Cesare Giannuzzi who on the social networks wrote a comment in Portuguese to make himself understood by Brazilian fans who made life impossible for his son.

Cesare Giannuzzi belittled the victory of the World Championship by the French Tebane writing: "It is easy to win with fifty Brazilian monkeys who shout everything against my son …". In short, for Ettore Giannuzzi the Brazilians are swine while for the father Cesare Giannuzzi the Brazilians are monkeys.

A few hours later, Ettorito97 clarified his point of view through the following post published on social networks:

"I explain myself better: I have nothing against the Brazilian people but only against those who have insulted me for 120 minutes (duration of the match.)", Commented Giannuzzi on his Twitter profile, not showing himself to regret the previous declarations given to the London event.

As tgcom24.mediaset.it writes, it is not yet known if Giannuzzi's statements will have any repercussions on participation in future eSports events, but some provisions by the organizers after the storm that broke out on social media cannot be ruled out (source tgcom24 .mediaset.it).

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