Bowling, Italy world champion: beats the US in Hong Kong

Bowling, team Italia campione del mondo a Hong Kong: batte Usa

Bowling, Italy world champion: beats the US in Hong Kong (Photo archive Ansa)

ROME – The Italy of bowling beats the United States and becomes world champion in Hong Kong in the final of 4 December. The Azzurri beat the Americans 2 nil in the final, scoring a miracle in the final. "Never like this time David beat Goliath", says an emotional ct Massimo Brandolini on the phone with the Ansa immediately after the historic victory.

The Italian team is composed of Pierpaolo De Filippi, Antonino Fiorentino, Marco Parapini, Nicola Pongolini, Marco Reviglio, the oldest with his 53 years, and Erik Davolio, the youngest of the group, class '96. The goal is great: win a World Cup against the United States finished first or second in the World Championship for nine consecutive times and after beating another 'big', Canada, in the semifinals.

Brandolini, who remembers how just five years ago the federation came out of a dark moment (it was commissioned) and a future to be written, he commented: "Something incredible happened, we amateurs have been able to defeat the champions of the world in charge . The times of Fonzie have changed – says the coach, quoting the famous character of the series Happy Days that brought bowling on TV in Italy in the '70s – We rolled up our sleeves and we slowly climbed the slope, also considering that we have had to do with the economic crisis that led to the closure of many bowling centers ".

In Italy in 2018 the players affiliated to the federation are about 2,500, in addition to another thousand players 'amateur', "which should not be identified with Saturday night players – Brandolini points out – They too are recognized by the federation but unlike the associates, have only the card and do not participate in the competitions. The project started and today we are here to celebrate. We left the problems behind and we just tried to look ahead and find the talents to start again. And all at our expense ".

Brandolini added: "Today I can say that he won a great team, made up of bigger people (Reviglio is also a federal councilor) and young fans. The group 'Fonzie'? We left him at home because of work problems, but he is with us Erik Davolio, a boy of twenty and who is a baker by profession. He came to the World Championship for the first time and won. We hope this example will also serve to bring back bowling in Italy too ".

Now the brand-name coach Brandolini also hopes in a gift from Malagò: "We came to Hong Kong at no cost, spending only hotel and food. Maybe this victory will also bring something to the federation and it would be another great victory ". Meanwhile, the final that has consecrated the blues was broadcast by the Olympic channel of the IOC, perhaps a signal of attention in an era of openness to new disciplines.

Before the Hong Kong gold medal, Italy boasted only one bronze at the 1971 World Tournament in Milwaukee. Antonio Fiorentino commented: "This is a dream come true. We live and train for these moments, and it is incredible, we have faced two of the best teams in the world and we beat them after finishing 22nd at the last Las Vegas World Championship. "

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