Bonucci: “Military salute Turkish players? Football must be separated from politics “

Bonucci saluto militare turchi calcio e politica da separare

Bonucci in the photo Ansa

ROME – Bonucci, a few days after the qualification of the Italian national team at Euro 2020, exalts the blue group and sends a warning to his fellow footballers who are commenting on the social situation about the delicate situation between Turkey and Syria: "Military greetings and posts on social networks ? Football must be separated from politics ".

"Today we re-created a group that feels like a family, something that made the difference with Conte in 2016. The demonstration that this is a team, not just a selection. The blue shirt is a symbol of union that makes us all agree. A symbol that can perhaps inspire other parts of the country ”. This was said by the captain of the national team, Leonardo Bonucci, speaking via videoconference at the Trento Sports Festival.

Bonucci comments on the case of the moment. His statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport: "What do I think of the military salute of the Turkish players? Politics and sport must be separated because sport must be passion and fun. I am for non-violence and war hurts everyone. Everyone is free to express their thoughts, but it's not right to do it on a football field. "

Bonucci exalts the blue group: "This group is worthy of a team, not of a selection because it is composed of responsible, polite boys who follow the instructions of the coach. Mancini helped us: we always did double training and we only had one free evening during the week.

With him instead we are more serene and we appreciate more the time we spend in the national team. Mancini gets us off and leaves us more free. This is why we have created a good relationship and great enthusiasm around this shirt. There is a long way to go and the path to growth is long, starting tomorrow night.

The young people who will play will only have to be themselves because if they are here it means that they have qualities and we are happy to rejuvenate this team that over the years will need elements to make up for us that gradually we will leave. We are well placed in this respect "(sources Ansa and Il Corriere dello Sport).

The Bonucci article : "Military salute Turkish players? Football must be separated from politics " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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