Bonucci celebrates the Scudetto on Instagram with a dig (also) at Inter, Icardi likes: Nerazzurri fans furious with the Argentine

Mauro Icardi is no longer a member of Inter but the Nerazzurri fans are still furious with him for the like he gave to Bonucci after yet another Scudetto won by Juventus.

But what did this post published on Instagram by Bonucci that Icardi liked so much say? Before we report it below, let's explain it.

Bonucci celebrated in the face of those who thought they could win it. Who was he referring to? To the pursuers of Juventus but it is likely that in his viewfinder there were above all the historical enemies of Inter and Lazio who did the devil four to get the championship back during the coronavirus pandemic.

Below is the post published on Instagram by Bonucci who received the like of Mauro Icardi.

“As Captain of a great team. In a surreal year. With a pandemic. Against everything and everyone. For our fans. For those who wanted the playoffs. For those who believed they could win it in our place. For those who have criticized us. For those who no longer believed in it. MY MOST BEAUTIFUL ".

For this like, Icardi ended up in the crosshairs of Inter fans. But how did they notice it? Do they follow Juventus and Bonucci on Instagram? The question remains open …

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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