Bologna, Mihajlovic returns and the team triumphs in Rome. Giallorossi in crisis

Bologna, torna Mihajlovic e la squadra trionfa a Roma. Giallorossi in crisi

Bologna, Mihajlovic celebrates the success of his team on the Roma field. Giallorossi in crisis (photo Ansa)

ROME – External shot of Bologna on the pitch of a Rome in deep crisis. Mihajlovic is back and the team gave him a very high level performance. The Serbian technician was discharged this morning from the Seràgnoli Hematology Institute in Bologna after being subjected to the scheduled antiviral therapy with positive results. The coach is fine and it shows, even tonight it was an added value and he led his team to the victory with determination and with tactical choices more than appropriate.

Bologna dominates Rome, Mihajlovic dreams of the Europa League.

There was no game on the pitch. Rome is in crisis, it has collected the misery of four points out of the 18 available in the last six championship days. The Giallorossi started this 2020 in a disastrous way.

Ready to go and Bologna take the lead with Orsolini. Great assist from outside by Musa Barrow and winning touch by two steps from outside in the lap of the National team. Orsolini was only because he took advantage of a colossal sleep by Kolarov.

Shortly after, Roma managed to get back into the game thanks to a clumsy Denswil own goal on the cross from the left of the Serbian. This goal is only an illusion for Roma because Bologna practically immediately returns to the game. Barrow scores two to one by centering from the left and starting a right-footed shot that has been deflected by Santon into the net. Shortly thereafter, the same former Atalanta striker seated a disastrous Mancini and beat Pau Lopez without problems.

In the second half, Roma seemed more lively after Bruno Peres and Carles Perez entered the field but this was not enough to reach a draw. The Giallorossi only managed to shorten the distance with a nice header from Mkhitaryan on a cross from Peres's right. The Armenian returned to goal after a long injury. Too little to seriously aim for a Champions League positioning, for Bologna, the Europa League dream continues …

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