Bologna, Mihajlovic in the hospital: therapy against leukemia begins

Bologna, Mihajlovic in ospedale: inizia la terapia contro la leucemia

All the determination of Mihajlovic during a match in Bologna. Photo ANSA / GIORGIO WELCOME

BOLOGNA – Sinisa Mihajlovic entered the hospital to begin therapy. Bologna makes it known.
The start was set for tomorrow, but the Serbian coach, in agreement with the medical staff of the company and that of the hematology department of the Istituto Seragnoli of the Policlinico Sant'Orsola, anticipated his entry into the hospital.

On Saturday, in a press conference, Sinisa Mihajlovic announced that she had leukemia. The Bologna social doctor had explained that the diagnosis was very early.

The president of Serbia: "Mihajlovic you are a great fighter, you will make it".

The Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, phoned Sinisa Mihajlovic today to express all his support, wishing him a speedy and full recovery from the leukemia that hit him. As the media report, the president told him he knew his temperament as a great fighter and that he fights not only for his own health and family, but also for the whole of Serbia, which loves him and respects him. The president wished he could meet Mihajlovic soon.

Acerbi, the advice to Mihajlovic: "Fregatene. Live as if you had nothing. "

"You must not give up, you must have courage! These are obvious words, but true. Mister let me tell you to face this ugly phase fully, not caring about what you have! Live as if you had nothing and always think positive, COURAGE ". It is the message published on his official Instragram account by Francesco Acerbi and dedicated to Sinisa Mihajlovic. The current Lazio defender has defeated cancer years, returning to play and also to wear the national team's shirt.

Donnarumma writes to Mihajlovic: "You taught me never to give up, you will win".

"You taught me never to give up, now it's your turn! You are stronger, you will win! I'm with you Mister! "
Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, through his Instagram profile, expresses closeness to his former coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, who was the coach who made him debut in Serie A in the 2015-2016 season. Donnarumma's post is accompanied by a photo of himself as he embraces Mihajlovic (source: Ansa).

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