Bologna fans: “No chorus or buu racist in Kean, he was booed like the others”

Tifosi Bologna: "Niente cori o buu razzisti a Kean, รจ stato fischiato come gli altri"

Bologna fans: "No chorus or buu racist in Kean, he was booed like the others" ANSA / GIORGIO BENVENUTI

BOLOGNA – In the Italian Cup match, the Bologna fans have underlined the Juventus goal chances with a 'uh' of fake amazement including those of the attacker Kean – then author of the second network – enough to make you think about regrettable racist howls . Today, in the light of the position taken by some newspapers and during the commentary, the Centro Bologna club denies any racist intent and invites the club to defend "the civil image of their fans, as well as the good name of the city". He does it, with a note, to reject any hypothesis advanced by the media.

"Referring to what is reported in the commentary, written by the newspapers and specialized sites about the racist howl from the Bologna fans to the address of the player Kean – reads – the Bologna Club Center, given the groundlessness of what was accused (the" uuuuu ", were simple teasing towards the supporters who accompanied every offensive action of their team with the same 'towards'), calls for an immediate denial".

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Kean's happiness after the goal scored in Bologna-Juventus

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