Biourou Jean Kean claims the tractors from Juve. And Salvini “is an angel sent by God”

Biourou Jean Kean a La Zanzara rivendica i trattori dalla Juve. E Salvini "é un angelo mandato da Dio"

Biourou Jean Kean claims the tractors from Juve. And Salvini "is an angel sent by God" (photo Ansa)

ROME – Biourou Jean Kean , the father of Moise Kean , continues to claim the two tractors at Juventus ("My son does not know but it is"). And he continues to incense Matteo Salvini ("He is an angel sent by God"). Kean's father was interviewed at La Zanzara , on Radio 24.

Did you read what your son wrote? "Yes, but I don't know why my son talks like that, I don't know. It's not simple, but there is someone below. My son can't say that. I know him, he is a very quiet boy. There is someone who is mounting his head, I don't know if to defend, I really don't know. "

Who? The mother or the company ?: "I don't know, I don't know what to tell you. My son cannot write this thing, generally, because I know him ". He said he owes everything to his mother: "Yes, but I have a very clear conscience. I'm the one who took him to training in Turin. I'm sorry it went like this. But I know my son can't say these things … I haven't seen him for seven years. "

Haven't you really seen him for seven years ?: "Yes, I only see him on television. There has been a family disaster, but these are private things. But I know that I always love him and that he loves me too ". But he makes it clear that she never gave him any money and that he ate only thanks to his mother: "No, this is not true. He's a boy I grew up ". Did you give your mother the money ?: "No, mother, but these are false things. And do you know why? Because before leaving home, my son was already at Juve. I took him to training at the Asti Calcio in Turin, at Toro. And from Toro to Juve. I followed the boy, he was never abandoned ". He says the opposite: "They have his head mounted".

But the story of the tractors is true, that is, Juve owes her tractors: "He doesn't know, this story. Mom wanted to take him to England. Juventus called me to block the boy. I asked, if I block this signature as a father, what do you give me? They replied, just sign, we'll give you what you ask. I told them that as an agronomist I am preparing my project. I needed a tractor or a combine to work and reap. And they replied that there are no problems ". Why didn't you put it in writing ?: “But I trusted so much. And now they don't give me tickets because I talked about the tractor in a newspaper. They closed everything. They don't call me anymore, even if I asked for an appointment, they don't receive me ”. Seven years that you don't see Moise ?: "He doesn't want him, but they did a job on his head."

What do you think of Salvini ?: “He is an angel sent by God, he is saving the people, the human beings. He is an angel of his own, I see him as an angel sent by God. He is not a racist, I will take him to Brussels. He's a very good person. He is struggling to save the immigrants who die at sea. Since Salvini, there have been fewer deaths. It is right to close the ports, and help them at home. Blocking them is better than having them die in the water. It is better to give work to their home instead of giving them money, because they have no future. They would do bad things, they would all be junkies and criminals. Everyone is at home ".

Are you divorced with Moise's mother ?: “Yes, we are already divorced. We talk to each other every now and then, she's a very good woman, it happened. I have a girlfriend and I bought television and I won't have children anymore. I had so many children because I didn't have a television ”. But do you expect any money from Moise ?: “I don't need the money. I only need the tractor to go to work. " Then he closes with a prayer: "I thank God for all he has done for my son and I thank him also for giving strength to his mother Isabella, who also made my children grow … My son, I love you as you know, I miss you, I'll wait for you at home to celebrate your two goals in the Italian national team ". (Source La Zanzara ).

The article Biourou Jean Kean claims the tractors from Juve. And Salvini "is an angel sent by God" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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