Bergomi reveals: “I had the coronavirus. Cold and back pain, now I’m great “

ROME – On Instagram, speaking with Giacomo Ciccio Valenti, Beppe Bergomi revealed that he discovered with the serological test that he had had the coronavirus :

“I have been positive for coronavirus.

I did the serological test about two weeks ago and I tested positive for ICG and negative for IGM.

Since March 8, I've been sick almost fifteen days.

I wasn't feeling well, I was always in pain and I was weak.

I was unable to sit up in back pain and was forced to always stand up.

Luck wants me to have antibodies but they explained to me that they don't protect 100% because the virus changes. "

"If I was afraid? No, I had no cough or high fever.

I was always cold and I had two heaters brought.

They told me not to take anti inflammatories. Then after nine days the pain went away, but I was at stake 20-25 days. Now I'm doing great.

I tried to do the tampon, but they told me that after thirty days I should be okay. "

And he adds one evaluation: “I was a fool, I underestimated him.

On February 21st I did the last training and one of them had pneumonia, from then on we didn't play anymore. On the 26th I was in Naples to comment on the match against Barcelona, ​​then I was in Perugia to see the match against Benevento.

In my opinion, I underestimated it before, I was too much in contact with people ".

(Source: Instagram).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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