Bergomi in the storm for sentence: “Unfortunately in Italy Juventus always wins”

Bergomi ended up in the storm for a sentence pronounced after Inter-Sevilla: "Unfortunately in Italy Juventus always wins".

In the post match of Inter-Sevilla, Bergomi ended up in the storm on social networks for a sentence he uttered about Juventus.

Bergomi was emphasizing the importance of a continuity of technical project to win trophies but he let himself go to a phrase that many did not like.

"Unfortunately in Italy only Juventus wins, they have won the Scudetto for nine consecutive years".

The sentence was not liked because among the Sky Sport subscribers there are not only Inter fans but also of the other teams.

Indeed, the majority of season ticket holders cheer for Juventus, which is the most popular team in our country.

Thus, as always happens in these cases, the hashtags against Bergomi have gone viral. Many wrote: “We are subscribers to Sky Sport, not to Inter Channel. Why should we hear 'unfortunately Juventus wins'? ”.

Of course Bergomi was a flag of Inter and has never hidden his football faith for the Nerazzurri but in the Sky Sport studies he holds the role of commentator.

In fact, Bergomi is not only called to comment on Inter matches but also the matches of other Italian teams so according to many users he shouldn't be a fan.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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