Beppe Marotta at Inter, is missing only official: the manager is in China by the Suning family

Beppe Marotta all'Inter, manca solo ufficialità: il dirigente è in Cina dalla famiglia Suning

Beppe Marotta at Inter, there is only official: the manager is in China from the Suning family (Ansa)

MILAN – The blow Beppe Marotta for Inter is now something done. The former Juve executive is in fact ready to become the new CEO for the sporting part of the Nerazzurri club. It is not yet time for announcements, but Marotta has flown to China for a meeting with the leaders of Suning: an interview that will anticipate the official signing on the contract. A practice already followed by the Zhang family even at the time of negotiation with Luciano Spalletti.

Now it will be up to the former Juventus to meet with the patron Zhang Jindong and Steven Zhang in Nanjing, to define the strategies and future moves. Starting from the role that will officially play in the organization chart of the club (for the sporting part, while Antonello will remain for the administrative part) up to the delegations, passing also for what may be the Nerazzurri market in the coming months.

Then it will be time to sign and announce, which will arrive in the coming weeks, maybe in time for the match against Juventus on December 7th at Allianz Stadium. The derby of Italy could thus be the background of a new "exchange" between the bianconeri and the Interista management. A transition from one club to another that is already making many fans stand out: for the Nerazzurri company, however, the Juventus past does not seem to weigh in front of the results obtained.

Among the last ones to move on the Turin-Milan axis is Marco Fassone, first at Juventus in different roles and then CEO at Inter, together with Michael Bolingbroke. In fact, the double ad experiment has already gone on stage at Inter, with not the best results. The internal balances must be verified, therefore, also and above all as regards the market. In the last few years Ausilio has acquired an increasingly important role for the negotiations, and the cohabitation with Sabatini, his "superior" wanted by Suning, has not had the expected results.

Beyond the position, however, the 60-year-old manager from Varese will be the strong man from Inter also from a "political" point of view, given that he remained a federal councilor (while Antonello is currently a member of the League). Equilibria that will be defined in the meeting with the Zhang family in Nanjing, in the headquarters of Suning.

"We want all the best," Steven Zhang had commented in recent weeks, talking about the hypothesis of Marotta's arrival. A shot that follows the appointment of the young son of the patron to president and with which Inter acquires a different thickness: the first step to return to have a strong company, even on the market, and really become the anti-Juventus.

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