Benevento jersey in Salvini, the Curva Sud protests: “An ugly gesture”

Benevento shirt donated to Salvini, the South Curve of the city of Campania is furious: “An ugly gesture”.

Salvini's visit to Benevento sparked a sea of ​​controversy, political and otherwise. The Lega leader wore the Benevento shirt received as a gift from some of his supporters.

Then Salvini shared the photos with the Benevento shirt in the following post that he published on Facebook.

"Good evening friends.
Warmth and lots of smiles with the Lega now in Benevento, thank you very much for the welcome!

From South to North, those who vote for Lega on 20 and 21 September choose a principle that is betrayed more and more by the clandestine government of PD and 5 Stars: Italians first ”.

Shortly after Salvini's social post, the harsh reaction of the Curva Sud del Benevento arrived again through Facebook.

“The Curva Sud condemns and expresses all its dissent against the shameful gesture that saw the Benevento Calcio shirt handed to Matteo Salvini.

For us it is not a simple piece of cloth, but the cornerstone of our passion that cannot be exploited for delusional electoral campaigns.

Ours is not a political position: it is a world from which we have always stayed away.

When, however, any exponent exhibits the yellow and red colors in a propaganda way, he will always find the ready opposition of all the Samnite people.

We invite the architects of this sad episode to do mea culpa, aware that they have tarnished our glorious jersey and the good name of Benevento Calcio ”.

The question and answer between the leader of the League and the mayor Mastella.

"The leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, will be fined for not wearing the mask at the meeting he had in via Traiano in Benevento".

This was announced by the mayor of Benevento, Clemente Mastella , clarifying that "the demonstration took place without authorization and in conjunction with another protest".

"A behavior – said the mayor of Benevento – in total disregard of the legislation, which obliges everyone from 18 onwards to wear masks even outdoors and in circumstances of potential gatherings".

The municipal police, on behalf of Mastella, started, with the help of photos and video images, the identification of those who gathered around Salvini, without being equipped with a mask.

Shortly after, Salvini's angry reply arrived.

"I deal with real life and not paturnie. We think that in Campania there are people who have inaugurated non-existent hospitals by spending millions of euros from the Campania region" (source Ansa ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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