Benevento in A, fans celebrate massed and without masks. So why the closed stadiums?

ROME – No distancing or almost, as was easily foreseeable, was respected during the party in the square of the fans of Benevento for promotion to Serie A.

Feast of the Benevento fans that the Agi agency summarizes as follows: “The footballers' parade touches all the districts of Benevento, from the Libertà district to the Pacevecchia, from Capodimonte to the historic center and all around there are flags, choirs, trumpets, red smoke bombs and yellows, fireworks and people, too many, who crowd the streets with or without a mask, always with bottles of sparkling wine or beer, for an exultation that goes even beyond sporting joy ".

In short: little or no distancing.

But this was easily foreseeable.

Something similar had already happened in Naples after the victory against Juventus in the Italian Cup final.

The question then arises: what is the use of keeping stadiums closed when people normally celebrate outside?

Probably nothing.

The words of President Vigorito

“This race was a promise I had made to my brother, I told him that we would be back and we are back – says the president of Benevento Oreste Vigorito – This stadium is named after him because the city wanted it. Without him all this would not have been possible.

It was not obvious to party, when you get there it all seems simple but then you remember all the sacrifices. A moment like this repays you for everything. " (Source: Agi).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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