Bari, stones against bus of the fans of Brescia. A 50 year old in the hospital

Bari, sassi contro bus dei tifosi del Brescia. Un 50enne in ospedale

Bari, stones against bus of the fans of Brescia. A 50 year old in the hospital. ANSA / FOTOLIVE photo archive

BARI – Chaos and clashes on the Bari ring road. As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport in its online edition, while at the San Nicola the party for the promotion in Serie C, a bus of fans of Brescia (heading south to Lecce ) would have been suddenly targeted. Stuck in traffic caused by a couple of accidents, he would have become the target of a stone thrower from mobs, probably from Bari, exiting the stadium. Difficult, due to the long queues created on the same highway 16, the intervention of the police and emergency vehicles.

Bari, stones against buses with Brescia fans. A 50-year-old transported to the hospital.

As writes, Bari edition, after the stone-thrower a 50-year-old Brescia fan was taken to the hospital for tests because he was in a state of agitation after falling. It must be checked whether he fell off the bus, or, as witnesses say, whether he was hit by a passing car or by one of the vehicles carrying Bari fans who disappeared after throwing stones.

Bari beats Rotonda and celebrates the promotion in Serie C.

The Bari won 2-1 the last home match of the season against the Rotonda, in front of a San Nicola crowded with about twenty thousand spectators for a day become a real party for the return among the professionals of the club. The Apulians have passed advantage at 7 'with Floriano, equal to the guests at 25 ′ of the recovery with a daring network of Chiavazzo. The goal of the match was signed by the Simeri bomber at 2 'from the end.

At the end of the race the cup reserved for the winner of the championship was handed over to captain Brienza and president Luigi De Laurentiis. Then the players celebrated the finish line under the northern curve.
Sources: La Gazzetta dello Sport, The Republic of Bari and Ansa.

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