Barcelona misses the stadium, the Spanish Super Cup press conference postponed

Barcellona sbaglia stadio, rinviata la conferenza stampa della Supercoppa Spagnola

Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi in the photo Ansa

GEDDA (SAUDI ARABIA) – Like the Italian Super Cup, the Spanish one has chosen Saudi Arabia as the location. From this year, the Spanish Super Cup, for commercial reasons, has gone from two to four teams. One of these four participants is Barcelona. The team coached by Valverde will face Atletico Madrid in the semifinal. If successful, he will challenge the winner of the match between Real Madrid and Valencia in the final.

But the Arab trip did not start in the best way for Leo Messi and his companions. The team hired a local driver to travel from the hotel to the stadium. Unfortunately, the driver they hired was wrong and led Barcelona to the wrong stadium.

The team was supposed to arrive at the Ittihad stadium (Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Stadium) at 5.45 pm (local time), but the driver headed for another facility, King Abdullah Sports , remaining trapped in the traffic of Jeddah, home of this year's Super Cup.

This error provoked a serious setback. In the initial program, Barcelona would have had to first support the press conference to talk about the semifinal against Atletico Madrid, then they would have had to train for this important challenge.

Instead, Barcelona had to support training first, then speak to the press. Coach Valverde and Busquets who is one of the team's senators were sent to the press conference.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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