Barcelona, ​​the fans against Messi: “You are not a real captain like Totti”

Barcelona, ​​social protest of fans against Messi: "You are not a real captain like Francesco Totti".

The rumors of a possible transfer of Lionel Messi from Barcelona to Manchester City are incessant so many Blaugrana fans have started to contest him on social networks.

It all started with a post posted by a user on Twitter. In this post there was the video of Francesco Totti 's moving farewell to Rome.

This user has not only shared this video but also a message: "I would have imagined your goodbye to football and Barcelona like this."

Instead it would seem to go differently because there are several clues that suggest a move by Messi to City.

The last clue was posted by his teammate Aguero on Instagram. The Argentine has given up on his beloved number ten shirt.

A truly unexpected gesture. But why did he do it? Because obviously he has to leave it to a player stronger than him.

And it's not like there are so many number 10s stronger than the Kun in the world. At least we're not talking about Messi who is the strongest number 10 ever.

In any case, the news of Messi's departure is a real nightmare for Barcelona fans. Just read their comments posted on social networks.

“We thought you were a real captain but you are not a flag like Totti. The former Roma number 10 remained in his favorite club until the end of his career.

Totti loved his Roma so much that he gave up so many trophies that he could have won by moving to more important clubs. Totti's love for Roma was unconditional but you betrayed us… ”(source Twitter) .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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