Barcelona, ​​alarm Ousmane Dembélé: unregulated life between junk food and videogames

Barcellona, allarme Ousmane Dembélé: vita sregolata tra cibo spazzatura e videogame

Barcelona, ​​alarm Ousmane Dembélé: unregulated life between junk food and videogames (Ansa)

BARCELONA (SPAIN) – The Ousmane Dembélé alarm has been triggered in Catalonia . Sleepless nights spent in front of the console, a skipped workout and a passion for junk food: the case explodes over the habits of French. It happened last Thursday.

This is not the first time that Dembélé derailed, only this time the club have done two things: blow to the press and punishment for the player, who on Sunday 11 saw his defeat against Betis from the stand (where he arrived late) .

As La Gazzetta dello Sport writes with Filippo Maria Ricci, Barça have called his agent to try to bring back a situation that is going out of control. The meeting was tense, between accusations and mutual threats, international market rumors that chase without any confirmation and a very complex panorama because Ousmane cost 105 million plus 40 others in variables, 30 of which already paid by Barça to Borussia Dortmund that with the Frenchman has made a historical capital gain.

As summarized La Gazzetta dello Sport with Filippo Maria Ricci , the 21-year-old millionaire who has left badly with Rennes and then with Dortmund and has long had a tense relationship with Barça, has a strong dependence on consoles, eats like crap but when the club he has put a cook (French) to the ribs he immediately fired him for irreversible culinary diatribes, he makes a great effort with the Spaniard, he has a lower level of attention than the score at a player's Fifa of Lesotho, he is surrounded by a plethora of teenagers like him who live just to play (on TV): little light, cartons of pizza sent home as knick-knacks, popcorn in the microwave, hand-shaped remote control, scarce hours of sleep and never at night. If Ronaldinho burnt his career by going out and drinking, Dembélé and his partners are sobered: they never go out because they are wasting hours of gambling.

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