Balotelli: “Naples? I tried to go there … Ibrahimovic said I was poor … “

BRESCIA – Mario Balotelli show during a live broadcast on Instagram with Fabio Cannavaro.

Balotelli revealed that he dreamed of playing for Napoli, then he told an anecdote about Zlatan Ibrahimovic that dates back to the time of Inter.

The statements made by Super Mario during the live social network with Cannavaro are reported by

“I tried it (to go to Napoli, ed). I would have a great time in Naples. I would make my daughter head ultra, she supports Naples.

I sing to her ' Brescia, Brescia ', but she continues to support Naples. She was very happy when I took her to the San Paolo stadium, she was hypnotized.

It is always a good emotion to enter San Paolo. Although in my opinion the most beautiful stadium is San Siro.

The relationship with Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the time of Inter? I looked at him – remember – and he told me that I would no longer train in the first team.

He told me I was too scarce to leave football alone. But then he went to Mino Raiola telling him to take me because I was stronger than him.

Playing in the Cannavaro team in China ? I was waiting for you but you told me that I asked for too much money

National ? I have a splendid relationship with Mancini , he is a special coach. I'm glad he doesn't call me because he doesn't want to put me on the bench.

If he summons me, he will do so only to put me on the pitch as a starter. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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