Balotelli: “Let’s stop the championship, I don’t want to get sick with coronavirus”

Balotelli: "Fermiamo il campionato, non voglio ammalarmi di coronavirus"

Balotelli: "Let's stop the championship, I don't want to get sick with coronavirus" (photo Ansa)

ROME – The appeal of Damiano Tommasi, president of the Italian footballers association, and of the minister of sport Spadafora, was picked up by Brescia player Mario Balotelli who decided to amplify it through his highly followed social profiles: “Let's stop the championship. I have young children and an elderly mom, I don't want to get sick with coronavirus. "

Balotelli asks for the suspension of the championship, here is his appeal via Instagram.

"Don't write to me shit like 'But you are protected', 'But what does it change to play or not?', 'Nothing happens behind closed doors', 'Don't throw away the only entertainment of the weekend to the people of the red areas!'. I love football more than you do, but playing means traveling by bus, train, plane, sleeping in a hotel, getting in touch with other people outside of your working society.

I don't already see my children for this cursed Coronavirus because as you know they live in Lombardy, and it's already unnerving and sad for me.

And for sure I would never like my mother, whom I see every day and she is not my peer, and as much as she can love football (to whom I owe everything) I don't like it and I absolutely don't want to attach anything! And why? To entertain someone else? Or not to lose money? Come on, don't joke. Take it back, you have broken now. Don't mess with health. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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