Baldissoni responds to Totti: “No one in Rome can decide for himself”

Baldissoni risponde a Totti: "Nessuno nella Roma può decidere da solo"

Baldissoni responds to Totti: "No one in Rome can decide for himself". Photo ANSA / GIUSEPPE LAMI

ROME – Following the Rome press release in response to the statements made by Francesco Totti in the farewell press conference to the Giallorossi club, a further reply to the former Rome number ten by Mauro Baldissoni has arrived.

The manager of Rome has released the following statements to Sky Sport microphones: "We must start from the passage that all players live from being the icon to becoming another. It is not simple and not rapid, it then implies a further passage that must be accompanied – the words of Baldissoni on Sky -.

We were very convinced in being patient and waiting for him. As he himself said, one year it was more difficult for him to realize what was happening, then in the middle of the second year the company offered him to assume what he also considered his most appropriate role: the technical director.

He did not give an answer and we were sorry. The choice of Ranieri was accepted by the company. Then the choice to go and convince Conte, even there the company wanted to follow him. I don't work in the technical area and I don't know if any other considerations have not been taken. The work remains a team and no one can decide for himself ”.

What did Francesco Totti say about Mauro Baldissoni in the farewell press conference to Rome (from the ANSA website): “Baldissoni? And what should I tell you? Let's say that Baldissoni is … is … a manager! Let's say he helped me by pointing the way. I don't know where, but he directed me … James Pallotta thank him because he made me stay by giving me the chance to know another reality as a manager. I don't spit on the plate where I ate. I hope you bring Rome as high as possible – Totti's hope -. Now he must be good at regaining people's trust. The president must be more on the spot, when they see the boss they are all at attention. When it's not there, they all do as they like. "

The Baldissoni article responds to Totti: "No one in Rome can decide for itself" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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