Back in Serie A, Paolo Ferrari celebrates: “My DS beat Wanda Nara!”

Paola Ferrari Wanda Nara Domenica Sportiva ha battuto Tiki Taka

Paola Ferrari in the photo Ansa

ROME – Paola Ferrari celebrates on Instagram. "His" Domenica Sportiva beat Tiki Taka with Wanda Nara in the studio . Data in hand, the first round won the DS: 7.07 share and 838 thousand spectators against 5.47% (683 thousand spectators) of Tiki Taka (the other DS reaches 4.2% with 256 thousand).

The RAI journalist posted the following message on her official Instagram profile: "What a satisfaction to beat Wanda Nara! The DS with me and Jacopo Volpi recorded 7.07 of Share against 5.4 of TikiTaka. The challenge becomes interesting. Thank you all!".

Paola Ferrari was very keen on this new "debut" of Domenica Sportiva, a historic event for football fans. Ferrari has returned to the running of the television program of in-depth football on RAI after five years of absence.

Ferrari has made the following statements to La Repubblica: "A dream come true, my real home. "The Ds-explains-it is part of my professional and human life. I started with Domenica Sportiva in 1996. In the nineties I did my first interviews, I worked with Enzo Tortora, with Giorgio Tosatti, with many other very good, I met my husband (Marco De Benedetti, ed) when I was at the DS, I almost gave birth to my two children when I worked at the DS … More than that. That's why it's my transmission, I feel it is mine. Now we start again: the new DS will be a point of arrival for the whole weekend ”.

The new DS will have to have a family atmosphere, be fun but also controversy if necessary, a transmission between friends. We will leave at 11.30 pm, not an easy time, I realize. The ideal time would be 11pm. In the first few episodes we will also talk about the market. The broadcast is broadcast from Milan, with a beautiful new studio, but we will also have two studios in Rome and Naples. The Naples, among other things, this year can make the coup … Football is increasingly fragmented, it is true, but we are a point of arrival. We will accustom the public to expect us at that time. You listen? Hard to say, we'll see along the way. But I am optimistic "(source La Repubblica).

The article returns to Serie A, Paolo Ferrari celebrates: "My DS beat Wanda Nara!" Seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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