Babacar-Berardi, lite to shoot in Sassuolo-Cagliari 3-0

Babacar-Berardi, lite per tirare rigore in Sassuolo-Cagliari 3-0

Babacar-Berardi, lite for penalties in Sassuolo-Cagliari 3-0 (Ansa)

REGGIO EMILIA – "Return to success at home? Yes, heavy victory a bit 'because we did not win a lot, then because in the last home for bad luck, imprecision or our mistakes, we could not yet deserve ". Roberto De Zerbi is radiant after the beautiful victory of his Sassuolo 3-0 against Cagliari. "It's worth a lot, even for the way we found it. We have unlocked Locatelli, we have never risked (two games without goals conceded). 3-0 exultation? I see football as a fun, we closed the game and I was happy.

We were masters in the past in reopening the games, I was not sure about 2-0, then 3-0. Babacar-Berardi discussion? I decide who pulls, I decided Babacar but I had not communicated, also because before was Boateng. I'm glad it happened, it means there's a desire. The images of Berardi dissatisfied will be clarified in the week, but without alarmism. In this environment, perhaps similar episodes are needed to warm the minds. Interpretation? I spoke to the boys in the first and second half that the 45 'finals for us would have been a test of maturity, we could go on 3-0 or suffer 2-1, for me strong teams never change their attitude depending on the partial result .

Most of the goals conceded were on wrong transitions on our part, today we were good in this sense too. Stay without replacing Boateng? There is always the possibility to improve, but also to get worse, so you have to understand who you take, even if we will pay for your loss in the sense that it has special characteristics. Surely I'm happy with mine, today we have put on show some really strong singles. Goals? It's still too early to say, if we were to do similar performances for another 4 or 5 games, we could have more talks, but we're young and we have to stay calm – he concludes – ".

YouTube, Matri: "Babacar-Berardi? Things that happen"

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